KAOTHEEM provides visual inspection and turnaround management services for the oil and gas, petroleum, petrochemical, pipeline, chemical, power generation, and refinery industries.

Our staff includes:

  • API 510 certified personnel for pressure equipment inspections
  • API 653 certified personnel for tank testing
  • API 570 certified personnel for pressure piping inspections
  • Personnel with applicable local certifications (such as ABSA in Alberta)
  • National Board certified boiler inspectors
  • Personnel with American Welding Society (AWS-CWI) certifications for weld examinations
  • Personnel with specialized qualifications such as API 936 Refractory Personnel Certification

KAOTHEEM provides inspections and testing personnel throughout shutdowns; this includes project management, certified visual inspectors, engineering for repairs and alterations, specialized bolt removal and all NDT services.

KAOTHEEM has been serving the oil and gas, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, power generation, pipeline and potash industries since 2016.

As one of the indigenous NDT companies in Africa, we are owned and operated by our Highly Trained Employees and Team of Professionals, Inventors & Technologist Partners across the globe.

No 133 spring bank road HU31BL Hull Yorkshire United Kingdom

Email: info@kaotheem.com

Phone: +44 7780 108560

Website: www.kaotheem.com

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